Some of the medications you may be looking for may be unavailable at the time you intend to purchase. A few of them may be on back-order due to a manufacturing problem, while others have been discontinued entirely – due to decreased usage or a decline in manufacturer profits (possibly related to newer drug being introduced). Also, some drugs have been taken off the market because of health risks.

In some cases, only certain doses and forms of dosage of a specific drug, or drug combinations, have been discontinued. If you can’t find the right drug you’re looking for, talk to one of our compounding pharmacists, who will find a similar pharmaceutical ingredient and compound it into the appropriate dosage form and flavor. Depending on your needs, our pharmacists can also compound medications that don’t utilize additives such as alcohol, dyes, gluten, preservatives and sugar.

If You Want to Check and See if the Medication You Need is Available, Contact One of Our Friendly, Experienced Compounding Pharmacists Today!